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Come Back

2008-07-03 14:20:33 by Jurian

Hi alllllll.

I'm Back, for real....

i had a NG break, but i did make music.

I uploaded 2 tonight. and the other ones will follow tomorrow.

I hope you guys will like the fact that i'm back and like the songs too.

if you have ideas for a new song or something PM me.


I got those:D

Come Back


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2008-07-03 15:02:04

Welcome back! And go back to the RRC as well!


2008-07-03 19:48:36

Wait, you left?


2008-07-03 21:54:36

We're always happy too have good people back in action.


2008-11-03 18:48:19

dude! i got so many quistons to ask you, you kno................ wait you left?!