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Running out of Colors

2008-01-23 14:25:19 by Jurian

Hi Guys.

as you noticed propabbly, I have 3 songs with a color in the name, that's because I call all my piano songs after colors. The only problem is, I'm running out of colors, I just made a song called White. It's my first, not real jazz pianosong. I hope you guys'll like it.
I did a collab too, It was real fun to work with JC, you should check his stuff out.

Because I'm running out of colors, i had the idea of you guys suggesting a color.
Color list
So that's one thing.

I also made a soundfont thread, cause I wanted to know which soundfonts you use.

I want to thank NathanBlack for helping me on my remastering and stuff, he makes great songs.

So I think that was about it.


PS: My song Green, Piano(NB remastered) is best of the week and I thank all the voters.

Running out of Colors


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2008-01-23 15:01:57

gray, peach, golden, i could go on all day.


2008-01-23 15:12:04

That picture is pretty sweet. Looks like a sunburst.


2008-01-23 16:21:51

Magenta, Cyan, Silver


2008-01-23 18:28:23

Black, emo piano. :)


2008-01-23 20:42:51

Curse you for being on the front page!!! Green is so damn catchy it makes me stop every time i go back to it!!!


2008-01-24 01:00:58

ummm white is a shade lol.. you could use stupid things like brick red and sky blue


2008-01-24 06:30:02

Hey J congrats on getting in the weekly top 5, the song kicks ass. Try fittitng the colours with the song, angry = red, sad = black etc

But I'm not really helpful, I don't know a new colour '-_-.......


2008-01-24 07:21:27

red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, turquoise, mauve, magenta, cyan, lavender, jade green, olive, pink, hot pink, white, black, brown, light brown, mahogany, gray, cool gray, peach, copper, silver, gold, sky blue, light blue, red-orange, yellow-orange, golden yellow, aqua blue, tan, lime green, timber wolf, cherry, lemon, pale...



2008-01-24 08:47:24

nice picture ;)


2008-02-18 20:06:59

Scarlet, blood red.
Emo, ninja black.
Purple peaple eater...purple?


2008-02-23 17:44:05



2008-02-24 10:59:44

hmmm nice picture. colours of jazz. Hmmm Yellow,blue, black or maby grey.


2008-03-24 01:36:33

in the episode of the simpsons where marge is arrested for selling drugs (if i can Remember the name ill get back to you) ned sang a song about some technicolor dream coaat thing it lists ALOT of colors in there the song (what i can remember) is "ohhhh, it was tan and ochre and vilote and brown aaannnddd", yadda yadda yadda.